"Your home is an expression of yourself. It is your haven. It is an energy source. The power of intentional design allows creation of a space that uplifts, heals, and nurtures you. I hope we have a chance to collaborate to create a space for you that is an authentic expression and extension of yourself. Learn more about the process and let’s get started HERE!" 

                                - Christine Martin : Founder & Lead Designer

I am an online interior designer living between Southern California and Baja California Sur, Mexico. I love working with clients online because it removes any boundaries to collaboration; as long as there is a good WiFi connection we can work together to create a beautiful space that inspires and supports your best self. 


I have been designing spaces for my personal clients for almost 10 years; initially as co-founder of Decorilla, one of the first online interior design firms to enter the market, and for the last six years as founder of The Good Abode. 


My clients range from private homeowners, to architects and hospitality companies the world over. As an avid traveler, I love to learn about the incredible cultures of this world, and to bring those learnings into each design project I work on to create a space that is unique to my clients. 

As a former international teacher, I had the opportunity to make home in very interesting places which led to taking in a variety of creative experiences. I am inspired by medinas of Tunis, Tunisia; the cityscapes of Seoul, South Korea; and the hand-crafted villages of Medellín, Colombia--as much as I am the coastal ease of Southern California, and shifting desert light of Todos Santos, BCS. 


Perhaps it’s in part because of my deep appreciation for the lineage of a place and understanding that everything has its own energy, that I have been fortunate to work on a number of projects in UNESCO-protected sites; first in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and then a historical refresh of the Indigo House Hotel in Luang Prabang, Laos.

One of my greatest joys as an online designer is the limitless collaboration possibilities; as I have the opportunity to work with clients from Grand Rapids to Hong Kong, Sao Paolo, Moscow, and the most-recently opened Avenida Baja in Todos Santos that speaks to the possibilities of a traveler's life as a work & stay retreat. Creativity and passion run deep in my blood as a Colombian & Cuban woman; mis raíces latinas y espíritu nómada influye en mi trabajo muchísimo.


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