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Boho Beach House Renovation PESCADERO, BCS

How to turn a run down 1 bedroom home into an attractive 3 bedroom Baja rental that exudes a boho rustic style for a couple with new baby.

We chose an airy white as the backdrop to highlight the craftsman work of cabinetry, custom made furniture, and local art. By implementing natural fibers and colors that mirror the desert-beach landscape, we wove a design story that evokes comfort, ease, and beauty. The bedroom arrangments included a. king, a queen and twin bunk beds for the family to have a variety of guests stay.

Pescadero Boho Baja Home living room 3 copy.jpg

Oh my God. Wow this place is stunning! When we build our house, we will have to fly you out. " Now we're talkin'. This is how we live. THIS IS HOW WE LIVE!"

Taylor Conroy, Pescadero, BCS

Renovation & Redesign in Baja can be exhilerating and challenging. If you've acquired an old property that needs a full update, please...

Ready to begin a design journey like this one?

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