CHRISTINE MARTIN :: founder + lead designer

While living internationally for over a decade, I fell in love with the world around me. The result was a profound appreciation for creating home wherever I found myself.


Influenced by the medinas of Tunis, the cityscapes of Seoul, and the hand-crafting villages of Colombia, I gained a sensibility for global styles and a love of bringing eclectic designs to life. 

I have a home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico I built and designed with an architect. The experience gave me a huge appreciation for every detail that goes into designing a house from the ground up. 

Currently, I live in San Diego, CA, to be close to family and get back in touch with my California roots.


From here, I am taking my online interior design services to a new level. We are all more keenly aware of the importance of our homes. I want to help people create environments that make them feel safe, comfortable, productive, and at peace. 

Through online interior design, my intention is to make design accessible and affordable for anyone who wants their home to reflect a positive life and state of mind 

With a value for sustainability, The Good Abode favors a design style with rustic/modern elements, tons of plants, and inspiring works of art.


I believe that good design can be a combination of rearrangement, revamping existing pieces, and investing in some core items that help uplift a space. 

What drives me to design is to use the power of it to instill an overall wellness to my clients. 

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