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FemmeHome: Your Path to a Dream Home

Imagine Your Perfect Space

Picture walking into your dream home—every room perfectly aligned with your vision, every detail a reflection of your personal style. This is not just a dream; it's a reality I can help you create with ease and joy. As an expert interior designer with over two decades of experience, my passion lies in helping women transform their homes into beautiful, harmonious havens that feel like an extension of themselves.

Empowering you to design your dream home, with an
expert by your side

I believe in empowering you to become the designer of your dreams. I don't just create stunning interiors; I teach you how to make any space feel aligned and inviting, so you can continue to cultivate beautiful environments long after our work together is done. Imagine having the skills to redesign your spaces with intention, time and time again, creating spaces that help manifest the life you desire!


Hi, I'm Christine!

 Since I was 8 years old and shared a room with my little sister, I'd use my space as an expression of myself, putting collages on my wall and rearranging my bed with stuffed animals and pillows.  As an adult, I've made home in seven different countries and in more houses than I can count. Let's just say I've got some experience :).


My journey into Holistic Interior Design has taken my design approach to a transformative level. I've seen it work magic firsthand in my own life: through a divorce, uprooting moments, shifts in career. I can see how designing with intention can really meet me where I am! I want to help other women do the same.


Through many design and energetic techniques, my client connects with her space so that it inspires, supports, and propels her in life. I believes that when women take a creative part in designing homes other areas of their lives sparkle. Femme Home is a signature experience in learning and implementing design for your space and your life!


We cannot say enough about Christine’s design services.  Its amazing how well she is able to capture a space, take your ideas and redesign it remotely.  She is very professional, easy to work with and is able to create beautiful spaces that meet your likes and needs.  This is the second time we have used her services and I would not hesitate to use her services again!  I highly recommend working with Christine.

-Cindy, DENVER, CO

Your Investment

Flexible Payment Options

If $2997 feels like a stretch right now, I’m happy to offer a flexible payment plan: 2 payments of $1498 to make this an easy yes.

Premium Offer: Done-for-You Selection

Prefer to have everything handled for you? For an investment of $5997, I’ll take care of curating and sourcing all individual piece selections, ensuring you can simply click and buy. Plus, I’ll have everything ready for you by August 1st.

Limited Time Offer

The price of the Femme Home Package will increase next month, but I wanted to offer you the lowest rate available right now. Please let me know within the next 48 hours if you’re ready to transform your home. I’ll need payment within 24 hours to secure your spot.

Image by Tina Witherspoon


Image by Beazy

Y O U R 

Image by Marten Bjork


Introducing the Femme Home Program

Here's how it works.  
As your design guide, I will walk you through my unique and transformative 6 week process where you will align your desired life with the look and feel of your home. In this program, you will: 

1. Get clarity.          >>> A time of reflection will reveal where and how you feel stuck in your home & life. 
2. Set intentions.   >>> Your desires for your life take center stage and become lens for your home design. 
3. Let go.                 >>> Introduce the practice of emptying. Make room for all the "new" you want! 
4. Find flow.            >>> Want more ease + flow in your life? Let your home layout mirror this
5. Rearrange.          >>> Alchemize your space by using the power of rearrangement. 
6. Use energetics.  >>> Color, lighting, + other sensory pieces will uplift home energy 100%. 
7. Feel aligned.        >>> New space = elevated feeling = inspired action= life alignment.
The Femme Home Program is my signature offering, crafted to provide you with everything you need to design your intentional dream home in 6 weeks. Here’s what’s included:

Mood Board

 A visual representation of your dream home, capturing the essence of your style and preferences

Sourcing Compass

Suggested local stores, online shops, makers, and international easy ship providers. Handpicked recommendations and 10-20 direct links to shop the look with ease

Floor Plan Layout

A digitalized, easy to read layout of each space that maximizes space and flow

Top 10 Design Tips

A list of expert design guidance that can be used as a reference time and time again for any living space

Room-by Room Design Direction

 Personalized guidance for each room (select up to 4 spaces) to ensure cohesive and harmonious design throughout your home

Video Support

1 Video Alignment Call:  a comprehensive walk-through of the concept and floor plan to make any necessary adjustments.

BONUS VIDEO CALL: Once you start sourcing, we’ll have another call to answer any questions and keep the momentum going.

Design Investment Options

This Signature Offer!

For a limited time, this program is just $2997. At this investment, you will enhance, up level your home design and learn design principles to apply interior design changes at any moment. Think of it as receiving a service + an education.

Premium Offer: Done-for-You Selection

Prefer to have everything handled for you? Upgrade to the Done-for-You option and I’ll take care of curating and sourcing all individual piece selections, ensuring you can simply click and buy. Plus, I’ll have everything ready for you within 6-8 weeks. This is just $5997 pay in full or two payments of $2999. 

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