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My work honors an emergent world where psychology, color and energy meet in design to bring balance in space, and in Self.

Holistic Interior Design


ho·lis·tic /hōˈlistik/

Crossed with the whole, characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Holistic is  not just about the directive. It’s about the entire experience, and I offer full service, nourishing experiences that aim to bring ease and joy to the experience of space transformation. 


Before we begin our work together to design your space, we take a look at your life.

Together, we discover not just the colors you want to see in your home, but the experience that you want to have, and design what will inform that experience best. 

No matter what you are experiencing - whether it is preparing for a new child, the loss of an elder, an unexpected arrival or departure of a situation, these key factors support not just a redesign, but a whole experience of transitioning your space into something new that is aligned with you life.

Discover your new interior & exterior landscapes.


Qi,  Chi, or Ki

The physical life force; the material principle of life; the force that can be separated into the principles of yang and yin.

We are all looking for harmony. Especially in the places where we sleep, eat, gather, commune. That can be supported and enhanced by how a space is organized. The principled learnings of Feng Shui can literally not only clear a space, but also invoke from it. That can be as serious or light as we like. For example, walking into a table that is in the middle of the room, floating without a grounding rug, can actually be dangerous. But we can encourage the flow of people, movement, etc. with that practice.

Want to learn more about how you can bring in flow into your space?



Color Psychology 

Color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Carl Jung has been credited as one of the pioneers in this field for his explorations into the properties and meanings of colors in our lives. Color influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food.

Everyone has a different response to color. There are mood and memory associations with color. There are cultural affiliations with particular colors. My goal is to discover your color psychology, and develop palettes for your space that support that. Places where work, play, or communing take place - even if it needs to be all in the same space - benefit from key learnings from color psychology.

Ready for some new color in your home and life?

Color Psychology



late Middle English (denoting passage from one place to another): from Latin transitus, from transire ‘go across’.


"across, beyond" (see trans-) + formare "to form" (see form (v.)). Intransitive sense "undergo a change of form" is from 1590s. Related: Transformed; transforming.

We are changing beings. Our lives are not stagnant and our spaces shouldn’t be either. Maybe your spouse is moving out or your children are making their first steps, or you are taking a new direction in your career, or you are moving through grief, In this way, a transformation of your  space can support your well being. The truth is, wherever you go, there you are, but you can absolutely  make it better. The home should shift and change as your life does.  (link to discovery call)


When we connect our values with intention, we get remarkable results. What you want to enhance or interpret into your living space - both in values and objects - can bring a whole new energy to a space, and thus lived experience. Whether it is vitality, partnership, a sense of freedom, or adapting into a new stage of life, I hold your narrative as we design your physical space to support your next chapter of life.

Have you experienced change, and are ready to transform your space for you or a loved one?

Transitions & Transformation



The US sociobiologist Edward O(sborne) Wilson (born 1929) popularized the term in the title of his book Biophilia (1984), defining it as an instinctive bond or sense of affinity of human beings with nature, or 'an innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes'.

Spaces come alive with the life within it. And life doesn’t include just the people in a home. It also includes the plantlife that is outside, and inside of a space. So let us be in and with nature, shall we? And, not everyone has to have a green thumb. There are ways for us to connect with That’s why I include plantlife design in each project, and offer outdoor plant design for each project. 

Looking to enliven your space?




c. 1400 (!) affording access, capable of being approached or reached

Accessibility in design is not just about financial access. It’s also about physical access to spaces, and adapting spaces to support our communities.  That’s why I offer services not just for individuals, but also for communities in need of spacial and interior design.  As I offer my services to be competitively accessible online within industry standards, I also offer pro bono services to community organizations that need design support - from events to interiors to exteriors. If you have a project that needs support, please do...

I have worked across borders to bring design to UNESCO sites, private homes, businesses, and more.

Copy of CMartinInteriors_PChang-2062.jpg

Olivia’s room is really turning out beautifully. I cannot thank you enough. She loves her space and loved showing it off. I thought the process was seamless-no stress, works for just about anyone’s schedule. You have beautiful taste. I enjoyed ordering the furniture-it was very easy. Ben did not enjoy putting it together so we would probably increase our budget next time to account for that ;)

Monica S., Walnut Creek California

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