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5 Tips For Making Your Space Desirably Rentable

As a person who loves to travel and take in interiors while doing so, Airbnb has proven to be the perfect source for accommodations. To illustrate, our time in San Miguel de Allende was composed of staying in 3 different homes, one month at a time. This was an amazing way to see different areas of town and also have varied design experiences: one colonial, one minimal, one wildly eclectic. Totally fun to change it up like this!

With a large collection of Airbnb “trips”, I feel much like I do with a passport full of stamps...proud. I enjoy the process of applying filters and finding the best place suited for our get away.

Most rental experiences leave me inspired. Occasionally, I come across a space that almost has it right but falls short of my interest. The following are the essentials for making a rentable appealing.

1. Use Space Wisely

Spatial layout of a home is one of the first things to nail down. Having too much or too little furniture can make a guest feel uncomfortable. And, comfort is key!

Consider seating in shared areas like living and dining rooms to be accurately reflected in space description. Remove/hide unnecessary furniture or items that can be considered clutter. A clutter-free space immediately relaxes guests.

2. Design A Wow Factor!

A huge part of having a desirable rental is the way it looks! Is there a distinct style that makes a guest feel like they are on vacation? If near the beach, a coastal look works well just as a rustic style suits an A-frame cabin in the woods.

Rentals can also be an excuse to have some fun with interior design. Paint an accent wall a bold blue, hang an oversized piece of art, layer with texture and pattern. Spaces that have special qualities to them really add favorably to reviews.

3. Create Guest Functionality

Making sure all essentials are available to guests is important in making a good impression. In bedrooms, having extras like blankets and pillows allow for flexible levels of comfort. If a space is open for long term stays, make sure that the kitchen is well equipped for cooking with varied pots, dishes and utensils.

4. Consider Photo Quality

My first posting of my studio had filtered photos which gave them an artsy look but not a clear representation of my home. Make sure photos are taken in adequate lighting from varied angles. If possible, add some evening shots and close ups too! Rentals with ample and good images tend to be considered and inquired about.

Check out Airbnb's 5 photo shooting tips for more.

5. Talk It Up

A rental’s description goes almost as far as the images do. Be personable, informative, and tell a story about your space.

Stepping into the living room you feel like you stepped onto one of the pages of Sundance catalog. Robert Redford may not be there to meet you with a Moscow Mule, but won't even mind as you settle in and appreciate the open living, dining, and kitchen areas.

Offering description, humor and a catchy title may make the difference between rental selections.

Wanting to make your space rental ready or to increase the value of your rental? Reach out for a needs assessment and have those star reviews increase in no time!

Note: I've experienced all Airbnb homes shown in this post and loved each one!

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