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5 Tips For Making Your Space Desirably Rentable

As a person who loves to travel and take in interiors while doing so, Airbnb has proven to be the perfect source for accommodations. To illustrate, our time in San Miguel de Allende was composed of staying in 3 different homes, one month at a time. This was an amazing way to see different areas of town and also have varied design experiences: one colonial, one minimal, one wildly eclectic. Totally fun to change it up like this!

With a large collection of Airbnb “trips”, I feel much like I do with a passport full of stamps...proud. I enjoy the process of applying filters and finding the best place suited for our get away.

Most rental experiences leave me inspired. Occasionally, I come across a space that almost has it right but falls short of my interest. The following are the essentials for making a rentable appealing.

1. Use Space Wisely

Spatial layout of a home is one of the first things to nail down. Having too much or too little furniture can make a guest feel uncomfortable. And, comfort is key!

Consider seating in shared areas like living and dining rooms to be accurately reflected in space description. Remove/hide unnecessary furniture or items that can be considered clutter. A clutter-free space immediately relaxes guests.

2. Design A Wow Factor!