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5 Home Mural Ideas That Wow!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Consider home mural ideas as an intentional way to bring art into your home decor. As artistic expression on a grand scale, they make perfect accent walls that tell a story or are simply sources of inspiration.

Whether on an interior wall that pulls in a room together or on an exterior one that becomes the backdrop of a patio or garden, a home mural makes a significant impact. Not only does it drive design direction, it also contributes to the energy you desire your space to have (vibrant, chill, romantic, etc.).

Here are some of the best home mural ideas to achieve this type of “wow” accent.


If you have some artsy inclinations, one of the most popular home mural ideas is to simply use paint.

Once you’ve narrowed down your home mural ideas and have sketched them on paper, the easiest way to transfer it to the wall is to use the grid method.

If you're wanting to go bolder, why not go beyond the wall space as your canvas? Designer, stylist, Liz Kamarul shares her process of utilizing doors, trims and even the ceiling as free range for a wall mural. The result is jaw dropping, unapologetic art.

You can also use some simple methods for an abstract look. Painters’ tape is one of the simplest to create lines and shapes that are clean.