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5 Ways to Love Your Home

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

By now, we are all (hopefully) taking the #stayhome message to heart. We're doing our part to minimize the spread of this thing. And while there are soooo many unknowns, one thing is certain: we recognize that our home environments matter!

Maybe you have a beautifully decorated space and find joy in being able to spend more time in it.

Maybe all these consecutive days at home make you realize its needs a little TLC.

Regardless, there's no knowing how long our homes will essentially be our containers so getting to a place of appreciating it is pretty key.

Here are some simple ways to turn up the love your home.


Ok, so if you're like me, you grew up with parents requiring you to make your bed before you left the house. I think the enforcement of this rule has led me to adopt the "messy bed" look for many years of adulthood. And, there's really nothing wrong with that.

But, there's something to be said about participating in organization and cleaning practices. Sorting that catch-all drawer, limiting the stack of dishes to look at, or smoothing your duvet neatly on your bed can be reasons to experience satisfaction and even calm.

For some people, doing certain chores can have a meditative quality to them: repetition, a mind clearing of sorts.

If you're not one of them, you're certainly not alone. Yet, shifting the way we look at these activities can make all the difference.

It's a taking of pride in your environment, one that has a subtle effect on your disposition as well as those who share your space.


Plants are our literal life lines. Not only to they help purify the air we breathe in our interiors, but they give us a connection to the great outdoors.

This is incredibly important at a time when it's recommended or mandated to stay inside. Having a beautiful Pothos cascading down a shelf or a vibrant Monstera to uplift the energy in a room, is just the kind of plant power I'm talking about.

Give your potted plants or gardens extra attention and care will make them happy. Notice if perhaps some need more or less water.

Observe the color and mood of their leaves.

Play around with their location to determine where they thrive.

Have no real green thumb to speak of? Not a prob! There are countless resources for gardening newbies to learn from. A favorite is Darryl Cheng of @houseplantjournal; he makes house plant care simpler. Having at least one healthy house plant shows you love your home.


So, you've been staring at those striped curtains for hours on end, days on end now. Takes all of your will power not to strip them off the rods and...and...use them as toilet paper?

Let's face it, being at home like this can make one a little sick of the design after a while. Take it from someone who swaps rugs from the living room to office oh, like, seven times!

This is absolutely normal.

Perhaps it's not the best time to revamp your entire home, but this could be a great opportunity to make rearranging your friend.

Some thoughts:

  • Take out all your throw pillow and covers and play around with new spots for them to go. Sometimes a simple change like this can be surprising.

  • Exchange locations of wall art where possible. Replace the round mirror hanging over the fireplace for years with the oil painting in your bedroom. Observe how this changes the spaces.

  • Turn the spare room into a new home office to take work calls and to create an area apart from shared spaces. Need help getting some essentials or creating a good layout? Sign up for a free design consultation with me to get started.


Our environments affect our bodies. Being aware of things that tickle our senses is an important relationship to nurture while you're home. Here are some to consider.

Sight: Scan the rooms in your home and notice what you see. Does the art on the wall make you smile? Does the furniture feel too cluttered? What about lighting...does it soothe or create tension? Answering these questions can help you make small changes that make you heart your space more.

This extra time at home may be the perfect opportunity to go Marie Kondo on the place or change up the decor where you can. The bright side of all this is you can fall in love with your home again!

Smell: Aroma has a powerful effect on our mood. A simple and natural way of adding a pleasant scent is with a bouquet of flowers. Lilies and roses do the trick! These not only smell good but also add color to your space.

Lavender has a strong healing properties that have been shown to reduce stress levels. Citrus scents (lemon, lime, orange) can brighten your mood. Peppermint is uplifting, invigorating the mind and boosting energy levels.

These scents can come in their natural forms or in essential oils used in diffusers.

Sound: Granted, if everyone is home at once, controlling noises and sounds may be challenging. However, there are a few things that can be implemented.

Designate a "quiet area" in your home. This can be a corner in the living room with pillows on the floor and a table lamp nearby to encourage resting, reading, and use of devices with earphones.

Have background music to soundtrack your home activities. Create playlists suitable for working, relaxing, and having impromptu dance parties.

Whether needing help to fall asleep or want some relaxing natural sounds, a sound machine can be a very good friend.


Here's the thing...your home is your sanctuary. It's the most personalized space that offers safety and rest.

The word quarantine isn't the most pleasant to associate with home. It conjures up the image of a medical holding cell, a prison of sorts.

While the act of staying home may feel limiting, adding special touches can make it a haven.


  • Create an area in your space that feels especially calm. This could be your "quiet area" , your plant-filled patio, or a surface that holds meaningful items (framed photos of happy moments, memoirs from travels, etc.)

  • Consider making a personal altar on a shelf, night stand, or tray. Include natural elements like crystals, stones, feathers, dried flowers. If inclined, add a deck of tarot or positive affirmation cards to keep your energetic vibrations uplifted.

  • Add rituals to your home routine. Something simple like lighting a candle in the evening to change the mood or writing out a gratitude on your window with a dry-erase marker make your day-to-day sacred.


Being at home for days, weeks on end can be a drag. After a while, you start to wanna pick your home apart. I get it!

But, it doesn't have to come to that. With these tips and some one-on-one help, you really can come to enjoy this time and love your home.

Sign up with me for a FREE virtual consultation and let's get started!

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