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7 Elements for Mexican Inspired Design

Updated: May 18, 2022

Evoke the Spirit

Mexico inspires with its savory foods, rich culture, and vibrant design. I've been living in this beautiful country for nearly five years and have noticed several Mexican design elements that create stand out spaces! Introduced in eclectic, transitional, or even modern styled spaces, these bring in warmth, color and interest.

Feeling like your home could use a little latin charm? A combination of the following Mexican design elements will help add character, charm, and elevated energy. Have a look at these and start a project to give your home the Mexican feel you desire.

1. Bold colors

One of the main Mexican design elements is color. This style never shies away from vibrancy. Whether it's facades of colonial influenced buildings or local art, you can expect to see hot pinks, golden yellows, and turquoise blues.

The typical striped blankets called serapes illustrate a culture that embraces bold colors. These make for beautiful throws or cushion covers that definitely add a splash of color in your home.

A quick and easy way to infuse your home with color is through paint. Select an accent wall to saturate. This will most definitely determine the color palette for your room. Benjamin Moore’s appropriately named, Mexicana (2172-30) is an extraordinary tone of orange-red that complements well with other hues.