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Online Interior Design Transformation

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

One of the best recent developments in interior design is the ability to offer it online. About 5 years ago, many people did not know the term "online interior design" as traditionally client and designer met and worked in person often making the cost prohibitive to some.

Today there are many online interior design platforms and companies that offer this type of service. The benefits? Well, let's name a few:

☞ with communication and work done virtually, it greatly cuts on the cost of traditional interior design

☞ working online with a designer omits the limitation of only looking for a designer near you; you get to pick a designer of your choice

☞ clients receive professional help in a concise and visual way that often includes concept boards, 3D renderings and an online shopping list

☞ shopping is made easy from the comfort of your own home

Everyone deserves a good space to call home. It's incredibly satisfying to know that we are offering a service that makes having beautiful and comfortable designs accessible to people. Our work as designers have been both on site and online...sometimes both!

This San Miguel de Allende home was recently purchased by clients of ours from Washington D.C. While the initial meeting was face-to-face, most of the design process happened online. Follow the transformation of this guest bedroom from BEFORE>CONCEPT>AFTER and see how our online service created the home of our clients' dreams!


Before: colorfully patterned walls make room feel smaller, bold art and patterns that do not go together, poor use of closet area