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Top Design Spots in San Miguel de Allende

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

For years, San Miguel de Allende has beckoned the artist, writer, and healer. Today it is more and more of a destination to offer inspiration to the designer. With a facade of Spanish colonial architecture to encapsulate a rich heritage, the town offers surprise after surprise when it comes to interior design.

P.lar Gallery

Aldama 30, Centro

To walk into a space created by painter and curator, Patricia Larsen, is to truly have a zen experience. Her gallery sits on the picturesque street of Aldama in Centro which sets the stage for the artistry found within. Yet, the interior environment transports beyond Mexico to anywhere and everywhere that holds natural beauty in essence.

A multi leveled home, Patricia’s gallery weaves in textiles, ceramics, art, furniture and fashion. The neutral tones provide a calming effect and the art of imperfection (wabi sabi) arouses admiration. This is a definite must visit for those craving design inspiration.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: Patricia’s own art on the walls set the scene for the gallery itself.


Pila Seca 3, Centro

It’s all in the name. Mixta is an eclectic, beautiful mix of merchandise spanning from clothing and jewelry to home decor and furniture. Curated expertly by Anna Sinclair, the shop embraces unique pieces local to Mexico and across the world.

For over a decade, Mixta has been a favorite go-to for design lovers and visitors wanting to take something special home. And, for those who crush on colonial architecture, be sure to walk through the historic 1700s home it is housed in, to take in the structural details that line the courtyard, and observe the antique finishes at every turn.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: Admire the stenciled walls that date back to 1920.

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