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Vintage Decor Love with Indigo Trade

If you want to know what vintage decor love is all about, just sit with Iylana Nassiri of Indigo Trade. This online shop caught my IG attention and before long, a kinship began.

From one entrepreneur to another, we align in all that is travel, value of culture, and a joy for intentional global design.

Read about Iylana's style and perspective on the importance of vintage decor. It won't take long for you to want to follow her journey.

What inspired your vintage decor love?

Like many others in this business, my vintage decor love was inspired at an early age by my mom and grandma who shared their knowledge and love of antiques with me.

I grew up buying secondhand and wearing hand-me-downs out of necessity, not for fun. But, sometimes if my mom found a piece of beautiful crystal at a garage sale...boy, we felt fancy bringing it home to decorate the piano!

I was taught how to distinguish treasure from trash, paintings from prints, well-made wooden furniture from pressboard.

And I quickly learned that the older items were usually better quality, longer lasting, and therefore more valuable.

It didn’t take long before my eye could pick out “old” at a glance, within seconds of walking into a thrift store.

My mom and grandma valued porcelain china, so tastes have definitely changed since those years! But it was from them that I learned the basics of antique hunting and collecting.

I spent my teen years crafting clothing and purses out of thrift store buys, and when it came time to decorate my own apartment, I realized I could resell pieces I wasn’t in love with in order to finance buying things I truly loved.

And so with the rise of internet marketplaces, I finally opened my first online store in 2007.

How do you curate your shop? What design elements do you look f