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Updated: May 7, 2020

In the last decade, online interior design has stepped into the spotlight. With online shopping becoming almost a daily activity, it makes sense that services online are also popular.

Technology has made it so that you can access professional interior design help right from the comfort of your couch.

This is a good thing especially as we #stayhome and appreciate our space more.

But, aside from having design at your fingertips, there are some real benefits that come from using this service.

Here are the top three.

1. Convenience

Boho eclectic bedroom

There used to be a time when the only way to get professional interior design help was to hire one to come to your home.

Now, not only can you find countless design resources online like Pinterest and Houzz, you can also get personalized help from an online interior designer.

Being able to connect with designers virtually gives you access to a wider range of talent and design styles that align with you.

Through a streamlined online process, any room of your home can be designed easily.

No need to have consistent in-person consultations or to visit several furniture stores to find the right pieces.

This is how an online interior design project works:

• Fill out a simple online questionnaire + include photos and measurements of your space

• Share inspiration images that excite you

• Receive a 2D concept board from me to visualize ideas

• After giving feedback, you will receive a revision concept board that nails the design you want

• Get a detailed floor plan with furniture layout + an online shopping list

• Design your space with an implementation guide + virtual support

For a closer look at an online interior design process, check out the transformation of a couple who moved to Mexico from Washington D.C. shared in this post.

2. Affordability

When comparing traditional interior design to online interior design, the cost difference is reason alone to give it a try.

Online services are about 80% less than what it would cost to have an in person experience.

If you consider travel time, the expense of transportation, and the number of hours spent sourcing, traditional interior design adds up.

This is why it's been seen as a luxury service for so long.

The lower price point of online interior design also allow you to opt for upgraded services like adding 3D renderings to your online interior design project.

The use of renderings (like this one above) makes a big difference for clients to be able to "see" their designs before making high priced commitments.

Photorealistic images offer a visualization that can easily be changed with virtual modifications that do not cost nearly as much as real life trial and error purchases do.

3. Ownership

With so much inspiration out there and how-to posts, people feel more equipped to branch out and take on design projects on their own. But, sometimes all of the ideas and options can overwhelm.

That is why it's nice to have guidance and a little hand holding. We want to have affirmation that we are on the right design path.

Online interior design takes the best of both worlds: professional design assistance and a DIY experience. Essentially, you are guided step-by step to bring concepts from an experienced designer to life.

In a way, you could say that online interior design is a sort of glorified DIY project. All the essential tools are handed you to carry out: a visual concept, floor plan with furniture layout, an online shopping list, and tips on implementing the design.

Just have a look at how 11 year old Mimi took part in re designing her bedroom through the online interior design service. The result: a space that reflected her through and through.

Certainly, as co-creator, you are able to make some tweaks and changes along the way. Having this kind of ownership offers a sense of pride as you fall in love in your lived in space.

Our homes are a significant part of our lives. It is no wonder that we want to make them the spaces where we feel comfortable, productive, peaceful and happy. From picking a new wall paint color to revamping a whole room, online interior design can create the perfect environment for you.

Check out the online projects available in the Design Shop or sign up for a free virtual consultation to customize your needs.

(Images by The Good Abode)

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