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Multi-functional spaces in SAN FRANCISCO

How to make the most of an extra room as a multifunctional space that accommodates a working area and place for guests to crash.

The key was to create a design that felt calming both for working from home and for hosting a guest. I did this by suggesitng a neutral color palette with a sage green accent wall. A plush daybed acts as a accommodation for a guest and the desk aligns with the design in a seamless way.


Working with Christine has been such a joy. Before her, I struggled with how to put spaces together in my home. It was stressful and time-consuming. Chrstine's approach is magical. She removes the obstacles that make home projects so unbearable while creating the opportunity to transform spaces into places with soul.

Bethany Sylvestri, San Francisco

Creating true multi-functionality requires thoughtful design to optimize spaces. 

Ready to begin your journey to maximizing all the spaces in your home?

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