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Online & In-Person

by Christine Martin

"Let your home be your mast and not your anchor."

- Khalil Gibran

ho·lis·tic /hōˈlistik/

Crossed with the whole, characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

As a certified holistic interior designer, my work transforms rooms into transformational spaces for clients.


Through a nourishing design journey that connects you to what you aim to bring into your home, we achieve not only stunning and magnetic interiors but  also a joyful & easeful experience the entire way.

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Ready for a journey to your new world?

Our homes are physical, emotional, and spiritual extensions of ourselves.

They support our routines and rituals.
They have the power to heal, to inspire, and invoke what we value most. 

Learn more about the philosophies that guide every project.


Mindful collaborations bring the best results. I will work with your vision, and cultivate it into a supportive process that will land you where you want to be... home.

Christine's design aesthetic is a full sensory experience. She puts care into every detail to create ease in the environment that immediately soothes your nervous system. From the choice of design elements to the layout and flow of a space, you feel transported to a safe haven that oozes grounded luxury and sacred nurturing at once.

Private Client, San Miguel Allende

Dive into the portfolio & case studies:

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Let's discover what we can create together:



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