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Online interior design is a process that makes interior design accessible and allows me to be your personal designer from miles away. Starting with a simple questionnaire, I will walk you through an easy to use platform to communicate your needs and preferences that will help me create a design for your space that you will LOVE!


Most online services deliver just concepts and floorplans. I offer deeper communication, easy-to-use shopping lists, and virtual support for unboxing day and integration.

Ready to begin? Get started with the:

Investments and Pricing

The Good Abode began as an affordable way for folks to receive principal-level support for their interior design project. While traditional interior design can offer beautiful services in person for hundreds of dollars per hour, The Good Abode offers online services for nearly half that price with project-based scopes. 

Standard Online Design Delivery Includes:

  • Final 2D Concept Board (2 Rounds included in package)

  • Digitalized Floor Plan with Furniture and Decor Layout

  • Online Shopping List with Direct Purchase Links

  • Implementation Guide for Purchased Goods within laid out space

  • Multiple live virtual sessions to support your project up to one month after design delivery

See Investment & Workflow Details

Ready to start your project?

Online Design can affordably transform every space inside the home (& outside, too)

home mural ideas boho bedroom.jpeg


The bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It's a place to invoke deep rest, invite the day, and mellow into evening. Whether you are invoking a place of solace or love (or both!) I can help you make what were once sleeping quarters into a space of restoration & wellbeing.

airy mod apt.jpg

Living Rooms

Scale, furniture, color, wall color, and art acquistion. It's all part of the online design experience that The Good Abode & Christine Martin Design offers. 

Your living room will be a place for just that: living, connecting, and being in comfort & style... your style.


Outdoor Spaces

Sometimes all we need is a new patio set, some plants, and the right bar to transform a backyard into a place of relaxation, ease, and delight for ourselves and guests.

Modern Kitchen


After I review your questionnaire and space dimensions and photos, I will generate an E-Project quote for your consideration. Some quotes may require a brief introductory phone call, in which case I will reach out to schedule that with you directly. 


Whole House

Online Design can transform not just rooms, but entire homes. It's not just about each room, but also about outdoor patio spaces, rooftop decks, even air bnb preparation to align your style and keep your guests comfortable.

Luxury Bathroom


Getting the right fixtures, towel racks, tiles, shower stalls or clawfoot tubs can move our bathrooms into places of simple spa-like luxury. 


Transitional Spaces

A hallway or nook can be tranformed into a mini library or unexpected seat. Online design is a great option for awkward room layouts to optimize living spaces.

Paints and Brush

Colors Only

Colors are powerful, and have their own systems of relationship with our psychology. If it's just wall colors that you'd like, we can do that, and can't wait to share with you palettes that will invoke whatever vibe you are sharing in your home.

Urban Garden


Living beings need living beings, and the right indoor and outdoor plants are part of that experience. Whether it's drought-resistant yucca or leafy greens to go with window treatments, plants can transform not only the space, but also  the way we feel within them. Learn more about my perspective on Biophilia here.

Ready to launch?

Looking for more in-person support?

I offer hybrid & in-person services as well.


Ready to begin the journey?

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