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Online interior design is a process that makes interior design accessible and allows me to be your personal designer from miles away.


Starting with a simple questionnaire, I will walk you through an easy to use platform to communicate your needs and preferences that will help me create a design for your space that you will LOVE! 

Pricing depends on scope. 

Curious about how I work? Click here for a Step-by-Step Guide and then let's get started!


The Hybrid Interior Design option is great for clients who want to have the ease of the online design process and would like in person guidance to execute the design. 

The Step-by-Step Guide walks you through what to expect for the online process. From there, I will create an installation plan to personally carry out the designs in your space. 

You can indicate interest in this option on your online questionnaire and I will follow up with details.  

Pricing depends on scope. 

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Our environment communicates to us subconsciously all the time. What is your bedroom, living room, kitchen saying? Is it in line with desires, goals and affirmations that you wish reflected in your life? 

Align Design is a unique consultation based on your personal intentions, Feng Shui, and other energetic practices that make powerful shifts to your space and your life. 

After filling out the online questionnaire, your will receive an email with design rationale and practical tips that you can start on right away. 

If desired, you can upgrade to a full online interior design package as well. 


Staging is an effective way to draw in renters and buyers for your home. Through a process of decluttering, rearranging, and finding just the right pieces, your space is transformed.

Ready to get started? Email me details on your project for a quote!

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