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5 Tips to Make Your Home Your Haven

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

There are many reasons to design interiors: making efficient use of space, creating comfort, sharing individual style.

But, spaces can also influence mood. They become a safe place, a refuge from the outside world. As containers for our lives, it's important to make your home your haven.

There are several factors in design that greatly enhance the positive mood of a space that lead to comfort and tranquility. Here are a few ways to give your space a feel good vibe, making it your haven.


How do you feel walking in a flower garden or sitting on a grassy patch or hiking among tall evergreens? Being in nature feels good. Inviting natural elements indoors is one way to add a sense of happiness as these are reminders of beauty and freedom.

Here are a few tips how:

  • Have at least one tall potted plant: it’s amazing what this does to a space

  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers: scatter in vases and add pops of color everywhere

  • Elect floral/tree prints on fabrics, rugs, or wallpaper