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5 Tips to Make Your Home Your Haven

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

There are many reasons to design interiors: making efficient use of space, creating comfort, sharing individual style.

But, spaces can also influence mood. They become a safe place, a refuge from the outside world. As containers for our lives, it's important to make your home your haven.

There are several factors in design that greatly enhance the positive mood of a space that lead to comfort and tranquility. Here are a few ways to give your space a feel good vibe, making it your haven.


How do you feel walking in a flower garden or sitting on a grassy patch or hiking among tall evergreens? Being in nature feels good. Inviting natural elements indoors is one way to add a sense of happiness as these are reminders of beauty and freedom.

Here are a few tips how:

  • Have at least one tall potted plant: it’s amazing what this does to a space

  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers: scatter in vases and add pops of color everywhere

  • Elect floral/tree prints on fabrics, rugs, or wallpaper


There’s no doubt that color influences mood. Much research on color psychology has proven this. Certain colors produce feelings of well-being, calm, and happiness over others. Neutrals and cool tones tend to be stress reducing palettes which is why they are particularly perfect for bedrooms and spaces to lounge.

Cheerful selections like sunny yellows and bright pinks can be uplifting inspiring energy and conversation. Think of your room’s purpose. Being mindful of color schemes will contribute in the energy desired for that space.


The popularization of de cluttering with Marie Kondo’s books point to a practice that has made a difference in how people and space relate. There’s no denying that clutter has negative effects (see more via this Huff post article) with stress as number one. I find this true when walking into a kitchen with stacked dirty dishes or a bedroom where the bed has disappeared under piles of stuff. One way to make your home your haven is to address the mess.

The key is to clear and de clutter. Whether it’s incorporating organizational home items like baskets, files, and folders, or practicing one of Leo Babauta’s five minute tips (#4 Pick a shelf is my favorite), addressing the mess takes you one step closer to creating a happy space.


Good lighting is honestly my top design must have. Aside from offering ambience and functionality, it is a feel good energy source.

If you’re lucky enough to have natural lighting, give it importance with sheer curtains where possible. There’s nothing like sunshine or moonshine to lift the spirit by bringing us closer to nature.

Experiment with light fixtures to best illuminate your space. A hanging pendant over the dining table and dimming wall sconces create intimacy. Floor and table lamps in living and bedrooms add to a sense of coziness in spaces where we want to relax. Regardless the fixture, go for energy efficient bulbs that give off warm lighting to add to that comfort we all seek.


Images and words can be powerfully positive. They can motivate and be helpful reminders of qualities that induce good energy. Having a photograph or work of art that inspires you is a wonderful thing to look at on a daily basis.

Here’s how:

  • Beautiful art soothes; hang pieces that inspire a calm and happy feeling

  • Frame or casually tack up your favorite inspirational quote where you’ll likely see it daily

  • Decorate your home with photographs of memories made and people you love

Being mindful of color and decor pieces can go a long way in creating a feel good space. Implementing one or several of these tips can help make your home your haven...just as you deserve.

Need a little guidance? Drop us a line and we can get started with a free consultation to make your home a place that brings a smile.

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