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Outdoor Oasis Ideas for Any Home | Online Interior Design

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Do you find you crave getting outside a lot lately? More than ever we appreciate every chance we get to step away from being cooped up inside.

This is why creating an outdoor oasis in our home is pretty crucial. Having that connection to the natural world has an immense impact on our physical and mental well being.


  • It helps relieve stress. Stress is brutal to our body systems including our immunity. Bloodstream levels of the stress hormone cortisol are lowered after time spent outside or experiencing elements of nature.

  • Your focus sharpens. A 2009 study showed that a 20 minute walk in a park elevated attention performance of kids with ADHD. Additionally, there is evidence linking a15% productivity increase with the presence of plants in workspaces.

  • You’ll feel a creativity boost. With a lowering of anxiety levels and stress, it’s no wonder that a by-product of experiencing nature in your space is creativity. There is a positive shift in mood and therefore an ability to meet tasks with a creative spirit.

As our homes take on the multifunction of being classrooms, office spaces, and sanctuaries all at once, designing an outdoor oasis benefits our daily lives. Whether you have a large yard or no exterior space whatsoever, there are ways to have this kind of haven in any home.


If you have the fortune of having a backyard, this is your chance to transform it into an outdoor oasis! Essentially, the space can become another room where you and your family or guests can dine, lounge, work and play.

One of the first things to consider when you have ample outdoor space is how you want to utilize it. The lay out of outdoor furniture will determine flow and function.

Do you want to eat al fresco when the weather is nice? Would having a comfy sectional create an extra space to work or read from? If you want to entertain, is there room for a grill or fire pit?

Getting clear on how you visualize using your space will help with the furniture needed. If starting an online interior design project to create your dream backyard, a digitalized floor plan will illustrate the layout of pieces to ensure it all works perfectly.

Small Patio

Your home may have a smaller exterior in which case you can still design an outdoor oasis with some creative spatial solutions.

A love seat or a pair of accent chairs like Acapulco ones normally are the perfect amount of seating for a patio with limited space. Add a couple of side tables or poufs and voila! You have an outdoor set up.

For a boho vibe, you can set up your outdoor area to be lounge-like with a rug and bunch of floor pillows for an ultra cozy space to chill.

Adding some lighting for ambiance goes a long way. A simple string of lights or lanterns with candles not only is useful but enhances to the relaxed mood.


If you live in an apartment or condo, your source of an outdoor oasis could be a balcony. This, too, can be designed just so to make it your natural refuge.

Consider a hanging chair on one end of your balcony to create a stylish sitting space. If you wide enough, stringing up a fringed hammock can instantly offer a vacation like vibe and become the getaway you seek when time indoors becomes too much.

The magic happens when wall planters are integrated to the design. Whether it’s a single one or a cluster of them, incorporating botanicals is key to infusing the area with more organic elements.


Some of us don’t have the fortune of having an exterior space to make into an outdoor oasis. In cases like this, make the most of interiors focusing on windows. Here you can use the natural light to nurture a vertical garden or hanging plants.

There are several vertical garden styles that can work. Kitchen windows are often a nice place to have a row or two of varying herbs making them convenient to use when cooking.

With so many gorgeous options of plant hangers, too, you can create an attractive floating arrangement of cascading plants that offer a healing and relaxing effect to an interior.

If you’d rather have the plants outside, a window box is a great way to take advantage of the space and light and have visible flowers or plants from the inside.


Certainly, another solution to a lack of outdoor space is to introduce house plants into your interior design. Whether it’s a tall snake plant in the corner, or a dripping Devil’s Ivy hanging from a bookshelf, using botanicals in different areas of your home make each one feel like an oasis.

This happens with botanical art as well. Hang a framed floral print, include several leaf prints in your gallery wall, or try on a leafy accent wallpaper to bring the outside in. The combination of art and plants themselves in an area of a room can create a special simulation of an outdoor oasis without having to be outside.

Being intentional of designing spaces in your home that introduce plants and outdoor elements are healthy additions to your everyday living.


Project in Progress

Recent clients living in Houston realized their small patio was not being utilized and they need it! They reached out wanting to convert the space into a place to have meals outside and to relax.

After filling out my online questionnaire, we got started. This design concept gives them a holistic look at their space's potential: color, style, layout.

With feedback, modifications can be made and we can get closer to their dream space. Can't wait to see their outdoor oasis come to life!

Design Selections

Considering all the elements that create an outdoor oasis, here are some pieces that can help get you started.

Need assistance with creating your very own outdoor oasis?

Select from the very manageable and affordable options on the Design Project Shop OR sign up for a free 30 minute virtual consultation to discuss your needs.

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