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Piano Design Love

For music lovers, the beauty of music is found not only in sound but in the instrument that creates it.

Since I was a kid, I had an inclination towards the piano. The striking contrast of its 88 black and white keys makes immediate visual impact. The wood that housed them, to me, was the most interesting piece of furniture in the room.

As a featured piece in a space, upright pianos are blatant examples of artistry and offer opportunities for adding style. The seat selection alone helps enhance the room's interior design, so be intentional and have fun with your choice! A velvet covered bench can add class and glam while an industrial swivel stool can give a casual feel.

The top board of a piano acts as a shelf great for plants, framed family photos, and other decor. Take some tips from this Centsational Girl post on bookcase styling for layering ideas. If against a wall, it frames the area perfectly for favorite art pieces.

Whether it's a wall gallery surrounding the instrument or a single print that makes artistic impact above it, visual and musical art combine in a beautiful way.

Pianos bring an element of timelessness and beauty to a room. Getting yours to work with existing pieces and embellish your home design takes a little planning. Want some help with placement and styling your piano? Drop me a line!

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