Style Marriage: Scandinavian + Rustic

There's something wonderfully inviting about Scandinavian design. On it's own, it is light, minimalistic, and sensibly stylish.

For a truly Scandinavian interior, there are certain elements to incorporate.

a. Lighting and color play a large role in places where daylight hours are few.

b. White walls and neutral palettes inspire openness and create a backdrop for sleek and functional pieces.

c. Wood flooring and metallic accents are commonly found.

With several essential similarities, it's no wonder that Scandinavian spaces are often coupled with rustic touches. Exposed wood in ceiling beams or floating wall shelves add warmth while use of throws and other soft textiles cozy up the space.

For more of a rustic/country presence, adding woven baskets, a leather chair, or more colorful textiles.


1. Wall prints

2. Chair

3. Paper lantern

4. Rug

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