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Why You Should Rearrange Furniture

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Make use of existing items by rearranging your space.

Being at home day after day has likely brought some design needs into focus. Maybe it's time to paint an accent wall or spring for that office desk or rearrange furniture.

Whatever the case, by now you are very aware of what is not working in your space.

One of the easiest ways to bring a fresh approach to the way you experience your home is to move things around.

The power of rearrangement is underutilized. But, when explored, it can offer a number of benefits.

Here are the top reasons why you should roll up your sleeves and get rearranging.

1. Rearranging furniture is budget friendly

Rearranging furniture is a sustainable practice.

By using what you already have, rearranging furniture literally costs you nada. Getting a fresh look to a room means moving things around or sometimes eliminating pieces altogether.

Take stock of existing items in your home. Start with large pieces of furniture, then wall decor, then smaller accents. With each grouping, see where you can switch things around.

It's surprising how the simple act of moving an accent chair from one corner to another can make a world of difference. Even the smallest things can amount to a big change. That colorful vase in the kitchen may be best brightening up the living room console.

While it's great to use your things as is, there is also the option to revamp your existing items as well.

Give a wooden chair a fresh coat of paint or change up the whole mood of a room with an accent wall.