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Why You Should Rearrange Furniture

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Make use of existing items by rearranging your space.

Being at home day after day has likely brought some design needs into focus. Maybe it's time to paint an accent wall or spring for that office desk or rearrange furniture.

Whatever the case, by now you are very aware of what is not working in your space.

One of the easiest ways to bring a fresh approach to the way you experience your home is to move things around.

The power of rearrangement is underutilized. But, when explored, it can offer a number of benefits.

Here are the top reasons why you should roll up your sleeves and get rearranging.

1. Rearranging furniture is budget friendly

Rearranging furniture is a sustainable practice.

By using what you already have, rearranging furniture literally costs you nada. Getting a fresh look to a room means moving things around or sometimes eliminating pieces altogether.

Take stock of existing items in your home. Start with large pieces of furniture, then wall decor, then smaller accents. With each grouping, see where you can switch things around.

It's surprising how the simple act of moving an accent chair from one corner to another can make a world of difference. Even the smallest things can amount to a big change. That colorful vase in the kitchen may be best brightening up the living room console.

While it's great to use your things as is, there is also the option to revamp your existing items as well.

Give a wooden chair a fresh coat of paint or change up the whole mood of a room with an accent wall.

Remember, that when rearranging, empty space is not your enemy.

If you find that your room feels better without a piece in it, go with that! Less is more is definitely a mantra that works when creating relaxing environments.

2. You get to practice sustainability

Let's be honest, the interior design world can get consumer heavy. With trends coming and going, it's easy to get caught up in the whirl of what's new.

All the sudden, that velvet sofa that was all the rage is being put in the "what's out" list. This can be frustrating!

There is a lasting impact on the decor purchases we make. By tossing out the "old" and bringing in new pieces, we add to the huge contribution of overconsumption and waste.

To curb this, there are several ways to get rid of used furniture and decorative items responsibly. Making donations to your local second hand store or having pieces in a consignment shop are some ideas.

You can also sell gently worn pieces online through sites like Letgo and Chairish. This is great way to make space in your home while making some extra cash.

Finally, you can try moving pieces around to discover they shine in other spots in your home.

Be sure to take measurements to save you the time and sweat of discovering an item doesn't fit into a new spot.

By rearranging your furniture you can both save money and feel good about doing your part towards a more sustainable planet.

3. A new layout lifts your mood

You've heard the saying: change is good. There's a reason why home makeovers are popular and sought after. They actually feel good!

A simple rearranging session offers your space an immediate refreshed look. No need to shop or wait for delivery. Then and there--your home takes on a different energy.

This kind of energetic shake up is positive. Your space is uplifted and as a result, so is your mood.

Take this Airbnb living room, for example. To illustrate what a simple thing changing up a coffee table can do to a room, I created three layouts with items already in the home.

The result is three looks that give the room a new feel. I actually sat with each of them and noticed how I reacted to them (more or less comfortable or anxious). It's amazing the shift each arrangement provided.

4. Rearranging is a jump start to organization

Something happens when you start to rearrange furniture. You see how much you actually have and where it accumulates.

There is a natural organizing that takes place. By finding a better place for one item, you're led to finding a better place for another. You might find that incoming mail is better stored in the wire basket you moved from the kitchen to the entry.

Or, by moving the storage ottoman next to the sofa, you realize the winter throws no longer need to take up that space and free it up to hold your kid's toys.

Not only does your home have a fresh look with things in new places, but it feels cleaner, organized, and more relaxing.

5. Functionality is optimized

Eclectic style and clever layout

Organization certainly adds to functionality. And, in the practice of rearranging furniture, other useful discoveries can emerge.

For example, a long floor mirror that is obstructed can find more practicality hung horizontally in a room. Perhaps here it opens up the space, reflects more light and makes more sense.

Often, too, new and more effective floor plans appear when we move things around. By looking at how a room is used, we can make decisions on what is the best way to optimize for flow.

You can use an online layout planner like Plan Your Room to help you visualize your room with the rearrangement before doing the heavy lifting.

If a few weeks locked down at home has you itching to change things up, consider starting with simply rearranging your furniture. The help of an experienced designer can make the process easy and dare I!

Shop my Power of Rearrangement Package to get started!

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