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Design Inspired by Tunisia

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Djerbahood: artist facade


I lived in Tunis for three years a while back. My home for a time was in legendary Carthage along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Among the impressive features of the duplex were bougainvillea covered arches, a wrap around balcony, and a tall avocado tree.

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I learned to cook in that house, inspired by a quirky but large kitchen. North African and Italian recipes were created and shared. Fresh fish was easily found in the daily market and French bakeries enticed us with morning croissants. Favorite moments consisted of evening wine and cheese with friends.


Among many other artisan beauties, Tunisia is known for it’s ornately designed pottery, and colorful Berber rugs. The picturesque area of Sidi Bou Said attracts tourists in Tunis for it’s views and plethora of handmade decor.

One of my favorite places to visit was the glass blowing show room of Sadika. Owner and artist, Sadika Keskes, has created a glorious space for cotton hammam bath towels called foutas, layers of Tunisian rugs, and local jewelry. Her space also features a variety of works from local painters.

via Sadika

Yet, it is the colorful glass that draws most attention. Dishes, glasses, candle votives, pendants, and floor lamps are just some of the items found in Sadika. Both in clear and frosted glass, these are usually accompanied by metal designs. The glass glow from these beauties is perfect both in interiors and exteriors.

In this video, Sadika shares her views on working with glass, the importance of creativity, and the function of imitation.


I’ve toted around several treasured pieces from my time in Tunisia. There is not enough floor space for the number of rugs I purchased!

Here are some of my top picks for home decor.

1. Ceramic tagine bowl: beautifully painted, these pieces of art are not only lovely to adorn a table but make a flavorful, couscous meal

2. Birdcage: replicas of vintage style birdcages fill the streets of Tunis. I always wanted one to place a plant inside

3. Fouta: perfect as beach wraps, table cloth, or a picnic blanket, they come in many shades and styles

4. Sadika floor lamp: my treasured piece of art from my time there; modern shape emits a glow that adds to my home’s ambiance

5. Berber rug: being at the crossroads of various civilizations, Tunisia has always been well know for its weaving. Geometric shapes and bold colors are typical of these style rugs.

Inspired by Tunisian design? Drop me a line if you'd like to implement global touches into your space.

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