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Making Home Where You Are

Like the Nautilus that moves to a new chamber with time, we are beings that evolve and grow. As we change, our environments should too!
In this workshop, you will...


Christine Martin

I can categorize my life in the spaces I've lived in. From rentals to building my own house, from countries worldwide to my birthplace of California, I've experienced a wide variety of places I've called "home". Each place marks a significant point in my life journey and each iteration of home gets more and more intentional. It's pretty cool when you see spaces from this lens.


I know what it's like to design both temporary and permanent spaces that meet my need for grounding and comfort, inspiration and joy. My aim with this webinar is to help you get in touch with your space and truly make it a nourishing and elevated sanctuary. 

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Wednesday, April 3rd, 5pm PST
Can't make it? Replay will be available. 

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