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GOAL: Designing home in Mexico for a couple building from the ground up that uses mostly local finishes, decor, and furniture within a reasonable budget.

HOW WE DID IT: While making use of some of the pieces we brought from home, I sourced mainly from San Miguel de Allende to support the local artisan economy. Things like encaustic cement tiles and the iron & stone round dining table were custom made and gave the space it's special feel.

Christine's design aesthetic is a full sensory experience. She puts care into every detail to create ease in the environment that immediately soothes your nervous system. From the choice of design elements to the layout and flow of a space, you feel transported to a safe haven that oozes grounded luxury and sacred nurturing at once.

David, San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel new build fireplace.JPG

Does this aesthetic or process speak to you? We should set up a call, then.

Looking to capture the wonder of a place in your home space? Let's chat about it.

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