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CasaXpat Workshop gives you a great set of tools to land in your new space. If you wish for more personalized help, sign up for a CasaXpat Consultation and get ready to turn your school housing into Home Sweet Home. 

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We cannot say enough about Christine’s design services.  Its amazing how well she is able to capture a space, take your ideas and redesign it remotely.  She is very professional, easy to work with and is able to create beautiful spaces that meet your likes and needs.  This is the second time we have used her services and I would not hesitate to use her services again!  I highly recommend working with Christine.

-Cindy, DENVER, CO



Christine Martin

Christine has used her spaces as an expression of herself since she was 8 years old and could put collages on her wall and rearrange her bed. As an expat, she’s made home in seven different countries and in more houses she can count. Her journey into Holistic Interior Design has taken her design approach to a transformative level. Through many design and energetic techniques, she helps her client connect with her space so that it inspires, supports, and propels her in life. Christine believes that when women take a creative part in designing homes other areas of their lives sparkle. CasaXpat is a signature experience for international teachers creating home overseas. 

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