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Heritage House Renovation SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, MEXICO

GOAL: How to take a UNESCO Heritage building and re design the interior to make a bold, eclectic statement while keeping the integrity of the city's colonial architecture.

HOW WE DID IT: This was a project that thrived on unique use of materials, color, and proportion. We maintained the elegance and charm of San Miguel by highlighting architectural aspects such as exposed stone and brick and oversized columns. Vintage gems like crystal chandeliers and Turkish rugs offer the space a global appeal. Accents like the black and white striped countertop, mosaic tile fireplace, and gold leaf infused cement walls are the standout elements that the clients desired. 


"I spent my first night in the house last night…. And it is fantastic! I know it wasn’t a particularly easy project!...Thank you all for you talent, hard work, and commitment!  The results speak for themselves.  Beautiful."

James Sheldon, Los Angeles, CA

Renovation & Redesign in Mexico can be exhilerating and challenging. If you've acquired an property that needs a full update, please...

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